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July 19, 2012
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Vladímir sighed as he stared out the window of his majestic castle. Everything was so perfect for him, or at least that's what everyone around him thought. He had everything going for him; he had the good looks, the property, the cars, the money. He had everything, but at the same time he had nothing. The Romanian man had some down-sides about him that none of his friends would talk about, like how he was short for a man his age, or how he's never been able to keep a steady relationship, and even how he's never allowed himself to go past first base with any of the girls he's been with, even though he had a legitimate reason (of which no one was told).

You see, Vladimir is something that most people hate; yes, he is a vampire, and that is something that he detests about himself to no end. There are some good parts to being one of these dreadful creatures though, like having amazingly good looks, not having to sleep so there was more time to do the things you need to, or like how he would never age. Vlad had all the time in the world on his cold, pale hands, but this could also be a bad thing, seeing as the strawberry-blond was in a bit of a perdicement.  Hard knuckles rapped softly against the large maple door. Rushing up to answer it, Vlad couldn't keep himself from giving a toothy smile at the guest who had just entered the door. "[Name]! I'm so glad you made it! It's raining quite horribly out there, no?" He placed his cold hands on your shoulders, "May I take your raincoat?" You smiled at the man with shining white teeth surrounded by plush burgundy-painted lips. "You're such a gentleman, Vlad." Shimmying out  of the wet, plastic-like fabric, you ran up and wrapped your warm arms around the man's slender torso as he placed the drenched jacket on the hanger. You could feel all of the muscles in the man's back tense as you pushed your head into the tight muscles.

"Mmm, you always smell so good Vlady." Smell, oh how he wished you didn't bring that up. A beautiful scent wafted up to his nose, and as he breathed it in his normally reddish-brown eyes flashed deep crimson indicating that his body wanted to feed. Blinking rapidly, the Romanian man tried his hardest to contain his urges to sink his fangs in your luscious throat and drink until he could no longer. Feeling the light shudders wracking through the slightly taller man, you were suddenly worried for him, "What's wrong..." He turned around to show an animalistic glint in his glowing crimson eyes. "...Vlad?"

Slamming your back against the wall, the vampire took one last hungry look at your beautifully shaking form before sinking his long fangs into the veins behind your sternocleidomastoid muscle. Savoring the rich flavour of your blood, Vladimir succumbed to his hunger and lapped up as much of the red liquid as he could before his sanity could come back to him. Your blood was so sweet, much sweeter than any other than he's ever drunk; the pure deliciousness of this made it hard to control himself from drinking you dry.

"Vlad..." His eyes returned to their normal reddish-brown color as he took his fangs out of your bleeding neck. "Oh no.. What have I done?" Wrapping his muscled arms around you, the Romanian man frantically ran up to his room, where he set you gently on his plush bed and sat down on the side next to you. "[Name]... I'm so sorry..."
I'm such a bad person for writing new stories instead of finishing my old ones...
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